English Title: No Comment

Running Time: 100 minutes
Korea Rating: 15
Release Date in Korea: 31 May 2002

Enemies within the 4 Rooms

Director: PARK Sang-won

Cast:SHIN Ha-kyunasIndecnet Wife's Boyfriend
BANG Eun-jinasIndecent Wife
IM Won-heeasIndecent Wife's Husband
JUNG Jae-youngasBoy with Burning Body
RYU Seung-beomasRYU Seung-beom
PARK Sang-wookasIce-scapel Killer

My Nike

Director: PARK Kwang-hyun

Actor:RYU Duk-hwanasMyung-jin
IM Won-heeasElderest Brother
RYU Seung-beomas2nd Elderest Brother
¥Ӫe§¡ (SHIN Ha-kyun)asBad Student A
JUNG Jae-youngasBad Student B

Church Sister

Director: LEE Hyun-jong

Cast:KIM Il-wungasYoung-il
PARK Sun-youngasJoo-hee
SHIN Ha-kyunasPassenger at Train Station
IM Won-heeasCouncil Member Candidate
RYU Seung-beomasMovie Actor

[Synopsis] [Review]

Written by: Ryan LAW
Date: 7 July 2002

A few short stories into a film is usual in Hong Kong Cinema but never in the Korean Cinema. This 'rules' has been broken last year with a video combing short films by KIM Ji-woon, RYU Seung-wan and JANG Jin but never be released in theatres. Now it's a new style in NO COMMENT with three new directors putting the same group of performers into their film. The three stories in NO COMMENT are in different length, varing from 20-40 minutes in different background which comes with different quality.

The first story "Enemies within the 4 Rooms" has a style like the Hollywood film "Four Rooms". 4 different rooms in the hotel has their own conspiracy which being crosses each other because of the lazy waiter RYU Seung-beom in the hotel. The four rooms are having stories in sex or violence.

This story is the best among the three which turned out to be more like a dark comedy. Repeatness of JUNG Jae-young, who would like to burn his lover with alcohol shows the best example used by director PARK Sang-won. The effect is pretty interesting especailly for the interaction of the ice-suck killer and the triad head. The pace for the movie has been well taken which makes the whole short film not bored by the repeatedness.

Second story "My Nike" is a story dirvied by the brand name Nike. The whole crew is now back to late 70s. Secondary school boy Myung-jin has the desire for a pair of Nike Football shoes but he is too poor to buy everything, even can offer nothing from the bad boys in the streets asking the juniors for money.

Most of the time the short film shows the living of not only Myung-in but also the life of all the other casts. However, the pieces are too fragmented for audiences to compile them into a short story. Story goes with the spread of Nike among the people around Myung-jin. After the gangs also have a pair of Nike, Myung-jin finds his solutions to his desire. The whole story is dull though it is brighter than the first story.

The last story "Church Sister" is the shortest film among the three in NO COMMENT. It shares the same melodrama style as that in TV - a twenty-something boy falls in love with a girl who has been in church with him for years but ended up with a broken heart when he knows she is not only elder them him, but also she is married. The remaining focus is the farewell between both of them in the train station.

The production of "Church Sister" is decent though it is easy to made for the melo-drama style.

Relative to other short films which are distinct, NO COMMENT has a very high relevance between each of them. For example, IM Kwon-hee who acts as a cop in the first story appeared in the post as council member candidate in the last story. This makes the whole film looks like a ligh comedy style at all. In fact, it is what they hope for.

IM Kwon-hee who has been strong in comedy has given his good work in it. However, the more outstanding character goes with RYU Seung-beom, who has been given his best by having lots of disguesting roles in the second and the third story.