Engling Title: R. U. Ready?

Running Time: 105 minutes
Korea Rating: 12
Release Date in Korea: 12 July 2002

Director: YOON Sang-ho

Cast:KIM Jung-hakasYOO Kang-jae
@@ KIM Bo-kyungasDAN Joo-hee
@@ LEE Jong-suasJUNG Hyun-woo
@@ CHUN Jeong-myungasBONG June-gu
@@ AHN Seok-hwanasOld man HWANG
@@ PARK Joon-hwaasMAENG Chan-hee

[Synopsis] [Review]

Wirtten by: Ryan Law
Date: 29 September 2002

With the blooming up of Korean cinema in the box office for the past two years, there are more and more huge budget productions this year. Without a single well-known name, R.U. READY? showed its confidence by having a 8 billion Korean wons of production budget on an INDIANA JONES type adventure. Will this movie work?

First, we had a short introduction to the legend of R.U. READY?, which is an area isolated from the normal world in both time and geographic locations, we are sent back to a normal zoo in Korea for a preview of a group of 'players' - 5-year old kindergarten Chan-hee who tried to escape from his guardian, 2 high-school students, a zoologist, and a normal sales. They are in a tour to the outlet zoo with other zoo visitors but having a bear attack in the middle of the bus trip, then starts the game.

Audiences watching this film are expecting for the computer graphics as adventure. It gives right away at the start of the game with tons of rats forcing the group to run around but the rats are too plastic for audiences to convince. With an unknown reason, they are experiencing a war which appeared to be tens of years ago and being rescued by an old guy to present the game.

The game starts with tons of visual endorsement until the midway. Expected co-operation and oppositions between the group is seen and exactly seen as expected. The whole film looks to be an average so far. The visual effects is not great at all but at least much better than the days in YONGGARY 2001 (2001).

However, the whole film is being ruined by the last 45 minutes. It turns the game into killing the devil in the deeper heart of each player. Then the whole synopsis goes to be very fragmented. There is also cross-over between each other but none of them can scare nor impress audiences. The strong emphasis on this part of the game also resulted in the slow pace which bores audiences. Those who cannot get into the stories of each person only perceived repeated scenes over and over. This part can be in a better presented approach but grouping the crew into a mixture of each person's devil but it goes to another way.

While R.U. READY? is a large-budget production. All the casts are almost unknown to audiences. There is no winner in terms of acting. All of them are pretty dull, which is pretty obvious during the part when they have to face themselves.

This film is promoted as a Korean version of INDIANA JONES. While you expect it to be something like Robin Williams in JUMARJI, it comes with a film not really finished. If you expect R.U. READY?, though you may be ready, the film is still not ready for the audiences.